Profiling the 50 Most: Mary Spio

Mary began her career at Ultra Corp., where she worked on the orbital design for the Iridium Project, before moving on to PanAmSat Corp., where she worked as a Senior Satellite Applications Engineer, providing digital satellite communication technology for several national television and cable networks.  In 2001, Mary joined Boeing Corp. as head of satellite communications systems at the age of 26.  She won several patents for customer engagement and demographic targeting, causing Boeing to form a new Boeing Digital Cinema division.  This disruptive innovation has redefineed how major motion pictures are distributed worldwide by satellite transmission.  High grossing films such as Ocean’s 11, Planet of the Apes and Monsters Inc. have been digitally delivered to big screens using her technology.

She charged into entrepreneurship to blend traditional media with the power of digital video and the Internet. She has provided technical and marketing leadership to many of the world’s largest media, entertainment, gaming, music and retail companies such as ABC, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast Motion Pictures, National CineMedia, AOL, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

Now president of Gen2Media Corp., a publicly-traded, fully integrated digital media, marketing and technology company that she co-founded.  At Gen2, she is helping to create and deliver content to on and offline consumers using a proprietary, patent-pending video publisher platform developed by Mary and her team.