Profiling the 50 Most: Mikey Butler

NAACP's Monique Morris congratulates Cisco's Mikey Butler for selection to 50 Most as's John Templeton looks on

Mikey Butler’s 30+ year journey with computing began in high school with  a science fair project and continued unabated ever since.  After attending Harvard College, the first half of Mikey’s career focused on system coding contribution at places such as Digital Equipment, Bank of America, Data General, Rolm and Sun.  The latter half of his career has been forged through increasing roles of responsibility in engineering management for companies such as Sybase, Cloudscape, BEA Systems, SAP and Intuit.

Mikey Butler, Vice President NSSTG Software Services, Cisco

Mikey most recently joined Cisco Systems as Vice-President, NSSTG Software Services. The organization includes: Cisco 3.0 Initiatives, Software Product Delivery (SPD), Knowledge Management and Delivery (KMD), Software Tools and Engineering Process (STEP) and NSSTG Operations

On the personal side, Mikey has been blessed with four children and two grandchildren. He is an avid audiophile who designs and builds his own vacuum tube audio gear and speakers. He also loves yoga, 3d animation, volunteer efforts, travel and music of all kinds. Mikey prides himself on maintaining his childlike wonder about life.