Profiling the 50 Most: Ken McNeely

Kenneth McNeely, President of AT&T California, is responsible for all legislative, regulatory, governmental and external affairs activities in California, a role he has

Ken McNeely, President, ATT California

played since November of 2000 . He joined AT&T in 1991, serving as a corporate attorney in Atlanta, and subsequently represented the company as Vice President-Law & Government Affairs in Florida. McNeely came to San Francisco in February 2000 as Vice President-Law & Government Affairs.

McNeely is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He graduated summa cum laude from the Howard University School of Law in 1987. After serving as a law clerk for the North Carolina State Supreme Court, he entered private practice in Charlotte in 1989.

He is a board member of a new consortium to improve how small businesses in the state use technology. The website,, focuses on networking and a series of ongoing forums that will allow small business owners one resource for gaining knowledge. Over time, the site will grow through forum communication and resources such as an ever-growing list of local technical support providers recommended and used by small business owners themselves. Sections on the web site include solutions to technical problems, training, forums, and resources like blogs, articles, surveys, events, purchasing tips, and local technical support providers.

The specific offerings on the new website were fine-tuned through a dozen focus groups involving business owners from throughout the state.  “Technology training and access can help small businesses flourish,” said McNeely. “At AT&T, we appreciate how small businesses make a difference in our lives, in the community and for our economy, so we’re especially pleased to support an effort that will help small business owners succeed in today’s marketplace.”