Profiling the 50 Most: Darrell Freeman

Darrell S. Freeman founded Zycron, Inc. in 1991. The company has grown to become a leading IT consulting firm in Tennessee, employing more

Zycron founder Darrell Freeman

than 200 professionals across the country.

With Darrell’s leadership, Zycron successfully transitioned from a small company into a burgeoning, highly reputable firm serving five Fortune 500 clients and the largest healthcare, government and utility agencies in the United States. His strong sense about industry trends and timing has enabled Zycron to remain vibrant in an increasingly competitive industry.

He demonstrates a strong commitment to serving communities through his local and regional volunteer work such as: his recently completed, two-term service as chairman of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce; his involvement with the Mid-South Minority Business Council in Memphis, Tenn.; his service on the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Small Business and Labor Advisory Council; his board membership at Centennial Medical Center; and numerous other community activities.

Darrell is married to Memphis native Gloria Freeman, his wife of 18 years, and has four children. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University.