Speaker calls for cutting edge inclusion

Speaker Karen Bass

California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said cutting edge industries must be inclusive in prepared remarks for Innovation & Equity: 10th Annual 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology Symposium Friday, Jan. 15, 2010.

The first African-American woman to lead a state legislative body told the group of technology innovators and executives, “We must work to insure that California’s emerging green economy includes and lifts all Californians.”

She added, “With the green tech boom, It is important that all communities are are the front line at every single level.  This  includes providing   a quality education so our children have the skills needed in this new economy and that entrepreneurs have access to contracts and investment.”

Shellye Archambeau, President, MetricStream

Bass is to be introduced by Shellye Archambeau, president of MetricStream in Palo Alto.   Mary Spio, president of Gen2Media and patent holder for digital cinema, will respond to the speaker’s remarks

The speaker, whose term ends later this year, cited the state’s Green Collar Jobs Council as an initiative to open new industries to underemployed communities.

Mary Spio, President Gen2Media

“The state of California just enacted a massiveprogram to retrofit homes and businesses across the state. That will not only create jobs but it will save energy    One of the most exciting things about the green economy is the diversity of opportunities in areas like energy efficiency, renewable energy , housing and transportation.  There are jobs all along the spectrum from weatherizing homes to designing new fuels.”

“We need to insure that the diversity of opportunity is matched by a true diversity of people who are able to pursue those opportunities, she concluded.”