Building and financing growth companies

Arnold Brown, Mike Beasley and Ed Young will share what they’ve learned about making money for investors with high growth startups during a Catapult Innovation workshop Saturday, March 20 at 11 a.m. at 2160 Lundy Ave., Suite 250 in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley

All three 50 Most selectees have unique perspectives to offer.  New Jersey-based Young is leader of several businesses, including environment and mobile applications ventures.   With Brown and Frank Washington, he is co-founder of 40A Inc., which has created the Blackbird Browser.

Brown is the technical wizard behind Blackbird. He founded the first company to provide a secure digital music distribution solution for any format of music (Mjuice, which was sold in yr. 2000 to Artistdirect) and has been a semiconductor executive in Silicon Valley.

Beasley is a venture partner with Nobska Ventures, based in Maryland and chairman emeritus of Rocket Software.   As the first Pinnacle winner in 1999, he was cited for creating an intrapreneural venture within IBM, Icinig Software, which reached $1 billion in sales with products the company was ready to unload.  Beasley is also  a strong advocate of improving M/E/S education as former chairman of MESA for the University of California system.

The exhibition Catapulting to the Future: 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology will be on display. Information on the Catapult Innovation competition over the next six months will also be provided. For more information, call 415-240-3537.