EARI enters alliance with Edevent

EARI Chairman Joseph Saulter saluted by NAACP's Monique Morris

Entertainment Arts Research Inc. (EARI) announced that it has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Edevent, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Knowledge Development Centers, based in Atlanta, GA, wherein each would indirectly and respectively own 49% and 51% interest in the newly formed company, Composite Media Solutions, LLC. Composite Media Solutions will perform the following software development support functions: Quality Assurance, Localizations/Translations, Focus Groups/Testing and Customer Support including, but not limited to, Game Community Management and other social network and online platforms and/or applications. Edevent and Knowledge Development Centers operate a worldwide network of fixed-cost computer lab rental facilities that provide Composite Media Solutions an immediate and unrivaled geographic footprint, complete with the technological and communications infrastructure necessary to successfully deliver Composite Media Solution’s proposed services. At the core of its offerings is the obvious advantage afforded by an on-shore/localized option for quality assurance testing and customer support which delivers low cost, high quality testing and extended media support functions to the game development and business software communities.

Composite Media Solutions will open operations in San Francisco and Atlanta May 1, 2010 with a total of 250 QA stations and call center platforms. This joint venture is expected to produce gross revenues between $6,600 000 per year to $7,900,000 per year. This includes only the revenues that would be generated by Composite Media Solution’s Quality Assurance and customer support services. It is further estimated that the net income for the joint venture will be between $1,320,000 and $1,580,000. Other services generating additional revenue will be added after the current plan for quality assurance is fully operational and functioning at a profit.