Spio to speak at B.I.G. Summit

Orlando, Inc., has confirmed a rocket scientist, a digital media expert, and the founder of an online dating service to appear on November 18, 2010, at The B.I.G.* Summit – Mary Spio, Mary Spio and, yes, Mary Spio!  A noted entrepreneur, digital media expert and inventor, Mary Spio is the President of Next Galaxy Media – a technology and marketing company that helps businesses reach their customers using the power of video and the web, and Founder of Vidaroo Corporation.

At Next Galaxy Media, “We believe imagination is the audacity to take an unknown path and the courage to redefine convention by deriving expressions that linger in the minds of others.” Understanding a new idea, Einstein once said “is not like erecting a skyscraper in the place of an old barn, but like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views, discovering unexpected connections and perspectives. We must go up into the high country of the mind and breathe the thinner air.”

A former deep space scientist (literally), Spio began her career designing, launching and operating communications satellites for The Boeing Company. As challenging as that sounds for a then 29-year old young woman, her talent and ingenuity in the field of electronic engineering and computer science led her to invent and win several patents for Customer Engagement and Demographic Targeting technology, resulting in Boeing forming a new division: Boeing Digital Cinema. Spio’s disruptive digital innovation has been used to redefine how major motion pictures are distributed to movie theatres worldwide by way of satellite transmissions. High grossing pictures such as George Lucas’ Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones; Ocean’s 11; Planet of the Apes; Spy Kids and Monsters, Inc. and Bounce are among numerous that have been digitally delivered to big screens everywhere using her technology.

This success fueled Mary’s passion for digital technology and her head-first dive into entrepreneurialism. Her profoundly ‘right on instincts for building brand affinity, combined with her proven technical and engineering prowess, led her to form her own media company that blended traditional media with the power of digital video and the Internet. Through this and other entrepreneurial ventures, she has provided technical and marketing leadership and brand building guidance to many of the world’s largest media, entertainment, gaming, music and retail companies and brands, including ABC, Microsoft Xbox, The Tribune News Company, Wal-Mart, Clear Channel and over 200 radio station groups, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast Motion Pictures, Trans World Entertainment (FYE Stores), National CineMedia, AOL, Coca-Cola, Toyota and many, many more household names.

Click here to view Mary Spio’s presentation – The Age of “Me”dia: Inside the Little Red Box – at a recent TEDx Greenville Event. 

Spio is a recipient of the prestigious Yueh-Ying Hu Memorial National Award for Innovation and Boeing Outstanding Achievement in Electrical Engineering Award. She holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Global Innovation Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. Mary is also a sought-after speaker and has been quoted or featured in numerous national publications, books and broadcasts, including The Oprah Winfrey Show – The Courage to Follow a Dream; USA Today; MSNBC; the New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul; and Georgia Tech Alum Magazine, among many others.

When not traveling the country educating major brands, partners, customers, agencies and prospects, Mary splits her time between homes in New York City and Orlando, Florida; and, on rare occasion, tries to sneak in some time to inline skate and (when no one is looking) learn a few Hip Hop moves. She is an ardent music lover and is engaged in authoring a new book on the digital revolution. Not surprisingly, Mary Spio is also fluent in five different languages.

Ms. Spio was recently named one of the 50 Most Important African Americans in Technology, one of Essence Magazine’s featured “Top 15 Women of Power” in 2007, and sits on the USA Today panel of CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Chairmen where she advises on leadership trends a few times a year.