Silicon Valley comes up short on equal opportunity

SAN FRANCISCO–Santa Clara, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties ranked 40th, 44th and 61st among American counties for the number of African American computer workers, in the latest Silicon Ceiling 13: Equal Opportunity and High Technology.
The area, collectively considered Silicon Valley, includes the headquarters of thousands of high technology companies, drawn by the availability of venture capital.
Author John William Templeton urged the Federal Reserve to reconsider how it implements its quantitative easing program because the flood of cash being distributed through investment houses is funding a pattern of discriminatory hiring practices with implications into neighborhood displacement.
Templeton first began the series in 1998 by filing a Freedom of Information Act request for EEO-1 forms for 1,200 firms. In recent years, the availability of detailed occupational data from the Current Population Study allows comparison across the country, to review the off-stated claim that African–American technology talent is not available.
Nationwide, 20 counties and the independent city of Baltimore had more than 2,000 African-American computer workers in 2012–more than the three Northern California counties combined. Prince Georges,MD; Cook,IL; Harris, TX were the leaders.
Silicon Valley even ranked behind other California counties. Los Angeles ranked fourth nationally, San Diego ranked 20th, Sacramento 24th and Alameda 30th.
In contrast to the low hiring in Silicon Valley, almost one fourth,or 80,000 federal technology workers, are African-American.—-Jan-14-2013


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