Dr. Frank Greene




We wish to celebrate the many ways that Dr. Frank Greene enriched the earth as a scientist, an educator, a parent, a mentor, a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur and a wonderful friend.

He gave of himself freely to make the world a better place, and saw no limits on what people of good will could achieve.

The ceremony for the late Frank S. Greene, Jr., Ph.D. will be held on Saturday March 6, 1:30 -3:30 PM at the Mission Santa Clara University Church, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 95053. The two-part ceremony will begin with a one-hour celebration program at the Church at 1:30, followed by a reception at 2:30 in the Williman Room of the Benson Memorial Center.

Dr. Greene summed up what he had learned from life into the VRE Leadership Model, which he has shared with everyone from elementary kids to high school youth planning to attend college, graduate students to high-ranking corporate executives.   He felt that Vision, Relationships and Execution were the components of leadership.

Another legacy he left was the Frank Greene Scholars Program.

The mission of the Dr. Frank S. Greene Scholars Program is to help
youth of African descent in Santa Clara County successfully complete
higher education in science, technology, engineering and/or math
(STEM), and serve as positive role models and contributors to their
communities. As a long-term K-12 initiative, the Greene Scholars
Program foster a community of college-bound Scholars focused on
developing their academic gifts. Since 2001, GSP’s primary goal has
been to increase the success rate of African American students in
STEM course work and to increase the number of students choosing STEM
career paths. The program is designed to develop 21st century leaders
with strong science/mathematics backgrounds coupled with innovation,
entrepreneurial/leadership and problem solving skills. We build self-
esteem and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Most importantly, the
GSP provide Scholars with the motivation to persevere and continue
their exploration of STEM fields through high school, college and
into their professional lives. This will prepare students to compete
in a global economy and enter Silicon Valley’s knowledge-based
technical workforce.

We nurture our Scholars from entrance into the program through high
school graduation. We provide character education and leadership
training. We deliver engaging hands-on math, science and technology
experiences and workshops in addition to our annual science fair and
engineering competitions. Finally, we offer college and standardized
tests preparation, core subject tutoring, field trips, and computer
literacy workshops.

There are so many truly amazing Scholars and Alumni that I think you
would be impressed. We have touched students from over 90 Silicon
Valley public and private schools. 100% of the Scholars who have
successfully completed the program are pursuing BS/BA degrees at
colleges and universities throughout the United States including
University of California at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, San Diego and
Santa Cruz, University of Southern California, Pomona College, Harvey
Mudd College, Morehouse College, Howard University, Santa Clara
University and San Jose State University. We now have 32 alumni: 11
college graduates and 21 currently in college.

Parents play an integral part and commit to volunteer service and
perform a minimum of four hours monthly (many actually give 10-15
hours/month). Scholars and parents meet separately once a month.
Scholars network and collaborate on projects, while their parents
receive best practices and strategies for engaging and motivating
their children.

Prior to becoming the GSP Program Director, I served as a key GSP
parent/volunteer since the program’s inception. In 2005, I retired
from senior engineering management after 25+ years working with some
of the most challenging and innovative Silicon Valley companies. I am
excited for this opportunity to apply my diverse technical, project
and management skills to shape and guide the future of the GSP in
developing a diverse pool of 21st century STEM leaders.

Here is a Mercury News’ article about our recent Eighth Annual
Science Fair held at Cypress Semiconductor on January 30th. Enjoy.

Gloria Whitaker-Daniels
Greene Scholars Program, Program Director

Dr. Greene was a leader.

Dr. Frank Greene, developer of the VRE Leadership Model